Born in 1972. The managing director and the owner of Biuro Literackie Publishing House (Poland). He has published nearly 500 books including works of contemporary Polish authors and translations. Between 1993 and 1995, together with Berliner Festspiele, he organized a series of literary events Niemiecko-Polskie Spotkania Pisarzy (Deutsch-Polnischen Treffen junger Autoren). Since 1996 he has been the director of the literary festival Port Literacki (Literary Port) initially known under the name of Fort Legnica (the Fort of Legnica). He is the author of two TV programs on literarture for the Polish National TV: "Poezjem" and "Poeci" and the documentary film on the influence of Tadeusz Różewicz on the contemporary poets "Dorzecze Różewicza" ("Różewicz – still waters run deep"). He has received many prizes, including Nagroda Sezonu Wydawniczo-Księgarskiego IKAR ("IKAR" Editorial Season Prize) for "the courage to publish the latest poetry and the ability to get with it to the reader" and Nagroda Biblioteki Raczyńskich (The Prize of Raczyński Library) for his "publishing activity and fervent poetry promotion". The books published by Biuro Literackie Publishing House are nominated and awardd numerous literary honors each year. Since 2015 Biuro Literackie has been a member of a platform Literary Europe Live.